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Patchwork Baby Blanket

Patchwork Baby Blanket

From Rowan Magazine **, and knitted in my own colour choice of the following shades of Rowan Wool Cotton: 946, 958, 953, 955, 911, 941, 909
Note: if you follow the pattern exactly, you may run out of yarn on the last row of blocks and have to rearrange colours a bit - not really a disaster but there are more blocks of some colours than others.

I knitted it in strips of one block wide, and seamed it together, as knitting in one piece was too unwieldy with balls attached or needing to wind very large intarsia bobbins. And it's not very easy to get a neat colour join in garter stitch.

Lovely blanket though, I'd have been thrilled to receive it as a gift and it's very smart draped over the buggy.