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July 03, 2007


Good luck to you in completion and competition! Looking forward to the end results one way or the other :)

Oooh, exciting!! Like I didn't have enough incentive to go to Ally Pally anyway... That sock is turning out really, really beautifully; I would say I hope it's for me, but I'm not in the exchange this year, so scant hope of that! I haven't forgotten about the '8 random things' meme by the way; just haven't gotten around to it yet...

Blimey, talk about pressure, and of course understand about being unable to blog about it, but really look forward to seeing your design and photographs in due course. I have my fingers crossed for you and I'm cheering you on ;-) all your knitted projects look super, so in my reckoning you should be the winner! Your sock looks fabulous, lovely pattern and colour too!

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