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July 28, 2006


The cushion colours look fantastic, really zingy. I love the little sachet, I have seen a few of these and would love to have a go but I just don't think I could cope with the fiddlieness of it. Yours looks brilliant though, and how lovely to use your own lavender.

I love the bright colors of the cushion, it turned out so great. I also love the red jacket that your MIL made. How adorable.

hello, well you have been a very busy girl- can say girl now im the magnificent age of 40 and you are considerably younger!! i love your cushion, its so bright! just finished my gift- patchwork cushion,knitted stash bag,lovely ashbourne shortbread, and put my mars bar muffin recipe in.think knit and chat will be either 26 aug or first week of sept, will confirm, take care, love dx.ps got my rowan 40 today. its wonderful.

I'm very impressed that you're getting so much fantastic knitting done !
Me ? I can't even answer your e-mails. Forgive me.

You ''sound'' so happy. I am thrilled.

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