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May 22, 2005


Your Martha looks great!!! I'm still knitting on the back,slowly. I have a quick question for you. When you get to the armhole shaping the pattern reads end with the RS facing, is it facing you or what? Thanks in advance for the explanation.

Oooh, love Martha. My Martha is still in balls waiting to be cast on. Must finish Charm first! Must finish, must finish, no....

wow, that was quick, my Martha's yarn is lying unrtouched on top of a pile of stuff, calling me relentlessly. but i have been bitten by the spinning bug...
she turned out beautiful!
love your edgy thingy, very intriguing!

Martha looks great, think it is the same colour as mine - pale green? Have you changed the neck-line - I did the original square neck, but did about 8 rows of garter stitch instead of the 2 it said in the pattern.

Your Martha is lovely! What fun to have it finished for Spring/Summer wearing!

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